Your theme is what controls the look and appearance of your website; this is what people see when they visit your website.

Every newly created website has the same default theme.  The last thing you want is to look like all the other websites.

Here’s an example of the look of a newly created website:

theme 1

The A2w Default theme

Here’s an example of a simple website using a customised theme:

theme 2

You can change your theme as often as you like!

Check out our video tutorial on how to change your theme 

Using the Theme Customizer

It is really easy to change your theme using the theme customizer.

The theme customizer is designed to make it easier for you to customize your theme and see the results in real time without having to visit your website.  You can customize any theme before you activate it.

Here is how you do it:

1.  Go to Appearance > Themes.

theme 3

2.  Click on ‘Live Preview‘ on the theme you want to use.

Hovering your mouse over a theme brings up theme action menus including the Live Preview link.

theme 4

Or if you want to customize your current theme, click on ‘Customize‘ under the current theme.

theme 5

4. This loads the theme customizer. Now all you do is work through the control panels on the left to customize the theme to preview the theme changes in real time before activating it on your website.

5. Once you’re happy with the changes you just click ‘Save and Activate’.

theme 6

Customizer video 

The following control panels are available on the Theme customizer:

Changing Site Title & Tagline

Used to change the site title and tagline on your website. Not all themes display taglines.  The site title and tagline are normally displayed in or near the header area of your website and the site title is also used when visitors bookmark your website in their web browser.

theme 7

Changing Theme Colors

‘Colors’ controls the color of the header text and background color. Which options are included depends on the theme. Not all themes allow you to change the header text color. Changes to header text color do take time and you will need to wait for the page to refresh to view the change.


Changing Header Image

Many of the A2W themes include a range of default header images.

The Header Image allows you to choose from one of the default header images.

Switching your default header image is as simple as:

1.  Click on the Header image to reveal the default header image options.

theme 9

2.  Click on the image you want to use.

theme 10

Alternatively, click on Remove image is you don’t want to use a header image.

You can upload your own custom image header using Appearance > Header.  A custom image header is used to provide more customized look and feel adding your “own personal touch” to your website.   Refer to our custom header image support page for more information.

Changing Background Image

Many themes allow you to upload an image to your website’s background. A background image is another great way of adding that personal touch to your website.

You upload a background image as follows:

1. Click on No Image.

theme 11

2. Click on ‘Select a file‘ (or drop file in upload area), select the background image you’ve saved on your computer and then click Open to upload.

Please note:

  • The background image is used as is.
  • For best results resize your background to make it smaller if using an image from a digital camera (otherwise only the top part of the image will display).
  • Be patient when uploading the background using the customizer. There is a delay before you’ll see indications that your image is being uploaded — this varies depending on the image size.
  • Most themes include a range of default backgrounds you can use. These aren’t supported by the theme customizer and you need enable a default background by going to Appearance > Preset Background once the theme has been activated.

theme 12

3. After the image has uploaded the background image display options will become visible.

Changing these settings is entirely optional and the best option is to try each to see what you like.

theme 13

Using a Static Front page

The static front page lets you select what appears on your website’s home page. By default, your home page is your website post page however you can change this so your homepage is a static front page and your posts are sent to a different page on your website.

theme 14

Other Theme Options

Some themes have extensive theme customization options which aren’t supported by the theme customizer.

These types of themes add a theme option menu item under Appearance once the theme is activated. To do more extensive customization you just need to go to Appearance > Theme Options.

theme 15

Uploading Custom themes

Due to how our infrastructure is designed, we are unable to support the uploading of custom themes.

This means you can’t upload any themes to your ‘mywebsite’ even if they are available in the WordPress repository.

However, many of our Premium themes have customization options to change the colors, fonts and layouts. Most of our themes enable you to upload backgrounds and header images.


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