Blogs are composed of two main structures: posts and pages.

Your posts are where you’ll publish your main content such as articles, write ups information and more.

 Check out our video tutorial on posts

Publishing a new post

Publishing a new post is as simple as:

1.  Go to Posts > Add New.

post 1

2.  Give your post a title and add your content.

post 2

3.  Add your tags and categories.


4. When you have finished writing click Publish.

post 4

Introduction to your Visual Editor

The area where you write your post is by default in Visual Editing mode which uses WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) option for formating.

It works similar to any Word processing software.

Simply write your post, highlight any text you want to format and then click the appropriate icon in the toolbar to add formatting such as bold, italics, number list.

A small tool tip appears describing the icon and its purpose when you hover your mouse over an icon in the visual editor.

Visual Editor Video

There are two rows of icons contained on the visual editor.

The visual editor displays a single row of icons when it is initially opened and you use the Show/Hide Kitchen Sink icon view the advanced formatting options contained in the second row.  The advanced formatting options include heading styles, underlining, font color, custom characters, undo, redo.

post 4.1

Previewing your Draft

Before you publish your post it is a good idea to use the Preview option to see what it looks like to your readers.

You preview a post by clicking on Save Draft and then Preview.

post 4.2

This opens up a draft version of your post in a new tab.

post 4.3

To make edits just go back to your Add New Post screen.

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