This page is about how to sign up and register for your website.

Sign up

1. Go to A2wpress sign up page

2.  Enter your website details and then click on the “Click to continue” button.



3.  On the next page, the availability of your chosen domain name is displayed, click on the “Click to continue” button. (If your chosen domain name is unavailable, return to the A2wpress sign up page and choose another domain name.)

4. On the next page, your bill will be shown your bill, Click on the “Click to continue” button to proceed.

5. For registered members, simply click on the “Click here to login” link, where you can login to access your account. But if you have not yet registered, fill in the form with your personal details.

6. Under the Payment Method section, if you have made a payment to A2W indicate appropriately, but if you have not made any payment then select the “A2W voucher gateway” option.

7. If you have any additional information input it in the note form provided.

8. Double check all the information provided and ensure they are accurate, then click on the “Complete Order” button, and your registration is complete. You would get an email confirming this.

9. Within 48 hours your website would be made active as soon as your payment has been confirmed, and you will receive an email with your login details.

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